Super Troopers...

This morning I meet with the Parker kiddos. They were troopers getting up and ready so early on a Sunday morning. We met up at Cypress Top Historic Park. This was my first time out there since it was made into a park...and I LOVE IT! I'm pretty sure the kids liked it too...especially this one :)

* Good morning beautiful *

Early this morning I drove out to Katy to take some photos of the Rodriguez family. Thanks to their new little one, they have a built in alarm we were able to get some good early morning sun for these photos. Thanks Elizabeth and David for being early birds today, the photos turned out awesome and I can't wait for y'all to see the's a few teasers for you...Enjoy!

{The good life}

Well, it's Friday and I'm off today...but I'm not out having fun - I'm supervising the painters that are here. Yeah, you know, to make sure they're not screwing things up - like I would :)

Since I have all this free time on the computer I wanted to share a few silly photos of Addyson and her daddy. She loves "helping" her daddy mow the grass. I love it when she goes out there and helps him, it gets her out of my hair for at least a little while. Take a look at the pictures and see if you can figure out why she loves working in the yard so much...

It's the good life I tell you! Stay tuned...I have a couple of shoots coming up this weekend, so I'll have a few sneak peeks to show off by Sunday or Monday. Have a great weekend everyone!