Tuesday Confessional

Okay, so you don't have to tell me.... once again it's NOT morning.  I know, I know, I think I have issues posting this Tuesday segment in the morning.  So from here forward, I'm just going to call this the Tuesday Confessional.  I can't handle the pressure I tell you!  So enough of all that - on to the "confession" part of this.

So I'm a photographer right?  I'm all about helping families CREATE their history - well, I'm slacking with my family...bad.  My kid is over the top in the personality category and it needs to be documented...seriously!  So when she wonders why I have to be committed in a few years, she'll have the proof in pictures.  I'm joking about being committed, but she certainly gives me and her dad a run for our money.  Who would have thought our lives would be so exciting.  Take a look for yourself:

Her sense of style is over the top!  Not sure where she got that from, but I think it must date back to her days as an infant when her dad would dress her in floral onesies and striped pants...no, I'm not joking...I think he called it Hobo Chic!

Maybe it's my fault because I'm always asking her to pose for photos, but I think I've created a monster!

This is a little secret - I like to wear this headband when she's not around....I love it :)  She does not like to share!

She loves animals and we're thankful that our cat is desperate enough to let anyone hold him, not matter how contorted he is

When I found out I was having a little girl, I admit, I was a little disappointed.  All the weird pregnancy dreams that I had all had me convinced I was having a boy.  I didn't think I would like having a girl, but she proved this momma wrong!  I love how girly she is - from her princess heels to her sassy purses...she's pure sweetness and I wouldn't have it any other way.  That's my Tooty!

Tuesday Morning Confessional

If you didn't already know it, I'm a little strange.  You see, more often than not, I'll wake up at 4am or so and start working because I'll wake up with thoughts and ideas rushing through my brain.  And I can't go back to sleep or get them out of my head unless I take action.

Well, this morning was one of those mornings.  I woke up at about 4:15am pondering some ideas for my upcoming Senior Model Program and I hopped out of bed and went straight to the computer to check my email.  In my inbox was an email that I usually disregard and send to the trash box - but this morning I actually glanced at it.

Let me take you on a little rabbit chase.  (in non-hillbilly speak, that means tangent)

You see, my husband has a really neat cousin, Bobbi Jo.  You may remember her from my recent post about her son Brazos' 1st Birthday.  When Brad and I moved to Shelby last May, she so graciously invited me to attend a MOPS meeting with her.  MOPS, you ask?  Mothers of PreSchoolers.  It was at a local church in Brenham and I was super excited to meet other moms in the area since I had just moved here.  I loved the meeting and interacting with the other moms.  I even signed up to become a member and receive their newsletter.  However, that was the first and last meeting I ever went to.  For whatever reason, everytime there is a meeting I have something else going on and I haven't had a chance to make it back.

Now, back to 4:15 this morning

I just so happened to open the email - and the front newsletter story was "The Case for Messy".  Well, I'm messy...so that may have been why I decided to read it.  And am I glad I did!  It was a story about a mom of 2 that felt terrible after visiting her younger sister at her newly renovated home where everything was spotless and in order and then stepping foot into her home that had been taken over by her ankle-biters.  She then goes on to say that for several days she cleaned her own house from top to bottom, and totally exhausting herself, just to have her toddler press his nose against the window and leave a smear.  She ended in saying that she remembered why she let her housekeeping go to the wayside; because spending time with her family and friends was what she wanted to use up her energy on - not keeping the house perfect.

So, you're probably saying, where does your confession play into this long-winded story?  Well, I am also guilty of feeling like I should to more housework, and feel bad when toys are all over the house or the bed isn't made.  I am so glad that I took the time to read this email because it made me feel like I'm not so terrible after all.  And it makes me feel better having a messy office like this:

She ended stating, "Dear God, please give me your perspective - that I might recognize the important
and leave behind the insignificant"

Tuesday Morning Confessional

The Tuesday Morning Confessional is going to be a regular installment on the blog every Tuesday - maybe not always in the morning, but always on Tuesday.  I feel like I need to add this special section to the blog, because, quite frankly - I need a place to vent.  And what better place to do it, right?  Well, at least I hope so - please don't run away! :)

So, believe it or not, I feel like a loser some days.  Everyone does, right?  Please tell me I'm right!  And yesterday was one of those days.  Since Brad and I have moved to Shelby, we've had a lot of great experiences and met a lot of wonderful people - and we're getting the chance to live out our dreams and teach our daughter that life isn't built upon the amount of material things you acquire (check out more at the Homegrown Living blog).  However, some days just get you down.

Reasons I feel like a loser:

* I'm the owner of a portrait photography business, but feel like I should be so much more
* I still can't figure out what I want to be when I grow up - yes, I love what I do, but I'm still soul searching
* I haven't had a pedicure in a million years - my little piggies need some TLC (can I get an amen!)
* Lately I feel like I'm talking to universe here -  really....not one comment?  You know I love comments on this blog - but none, nada, zilch.    Hellooooooo.....anyone out there?  

tap, tap....is this thing on????

Have a great day everyone - I'll try to limit the self loathing to just a few times a year! :)

Ahoy Matey! | Children's Party Photography Brenham, TX

When my little family moved out to the Brenham area last summer, I could have never imagined all the great things that were in store for us.  We have done so much more with extended family since we moved, and we feel so blessed!  About a month ago, I received a birthday invitation in the mail from my cousin in law Bobbi Jo for her son Brazos' first birthday.  I immediately wanted to RSVP because she is super crafty and I knew that this party would be a show stopper!  Well, my thoughts were correct - this little pirate has the craftiest mommy in town :)

When I asked how long it took to plan this party - Bobbi Jo said she starting planning when Brazos was born - and you can tell!  

How cute is that little mustache and costume?

Look how fun Treasure Island was - the kids stayed there as long as the sun was out hunting for hidden treasure!

What's a Treasure Hunt without a map!

We figured out he likes the color "green" - money that is! 

Thanks again Matt & Bobbi Jo for having us to celebrate Brazos' 1st Birthday - it was spectacular!

Little Baby's First Year | Industry, TX Child & Family Photographer

It's amazing how fast a year flies by.  New parents trying to wing it, finally getting in the groove of a routine, just for it all to change overnight.  There are so many "firsts" that are celebrated and you never realize how much you can love someone until you hold your child for the first time.  I remember photographing this little guy when he was just a few days new - affectionately known as "little baby"

Remember THIS ?

Then he sprouted up and began to explore the world on his hands and knees

Who could forget THIS?

And now, just a couple of weeks ago, he celebrated his 1st year on this earth with his mommy and daddy who love him very much.

Here are a few of my favorites from the photo shoot at the hidden little park in Industry.

Thanks so much Frankie and Holly for giving me the honor of documenting "little baby's" first year!  Looks like he won't be a "little baby" anymore :)

The Gross Family | New Ulm, TX Family Photography

March winds, April showers - that's how the saying goes, right?  Well, why in the world were there 25+ mile an hour winds in February?  A couple of weeks ago, I was commissioned to photograph the Gross Family in New Ulm.  The family matriarchs were celebrating their 50th Anniversary, so this was a special occasion.  But when I woke up that morning, the wind was howling and blowing so strong!  Being an on-location photographer, the weather is our greatest enemy, but it's our job to learn to deal with it so that we can provide our client with the best images possible.  I did a lot praying before this session - and apparently, those prayers were answered :)  Here are some of my favorite shots from the day.  Enjoy!

Thanks again to the Gross Family!  You were a great bunch to work with and I'm so happy with the final product.  I would love to work with all of you again!

Seeing the Difference | Brenham, TX Portrait Photographer

Happy Hump Day everyone!  It's been a while since my last post, but I have two new sessions that I'm excited to share with you.  I will have those ready for you early next week, so make sure to stay tuned and check back often!  Today I'm excited because Professional Photographers of America (PPA) just launched a new video to help inform consumers on why it's important to hire a professional for capturing special events in your life.  I'm so proud to be a member of such a prestigious group and be associated with some phenomenal photographers.  They have paved the way for people like me who have decided to make photography a career and to excel at it.

I hope you enjoy the video and "See the Difference". I look forward to working with you!