Newborn Photography | Bellville, TX

I finished editing the photos of Kaitlin this weekend and I wanted to share some of my fav's.

Little Miss Kaitlin

I was SO excited to get some photos of my new little niece Kaitlin. I know her Mommy and Grannies are anxious to see these sneak peeks...more to come later in the week! Such a sweet girl! Enjoy :)

Kaitlin surrounded by her Mommy and Daddy's favorite stuffed animals when they were little

Dog days of summer....

Wow...time flies when it's 105 degrees outside! Seriously, are we living in Texas or on the Sun? I never say this, but I think I'm actually ready for the cold winter days again...the whole 12 that we get each year. It's been a while since I've actually posted some pictures, things have been so hectic for us this summer. Here are some random shots of Addyson and our dogs Daisy (little chi-weiner) and Homer (big weiner! LOL). Some exciting news - Brad's nephew and his wife just had a baby girl on Monday, so I'm waiting anxiously to get some newborn shots of her...hopefully I'll have some by the end of the month! Be on the look out for a precious carrot top...YES - red hair!

Here you go...enjoy!

Layla needs our prayers

A local toddler, Layla Grace is suffering for Neuroblastoma Cancer and can use all the prayers she can get to pull through this sickness. You can follow her progress on this blog ----> Layla Grace