Amanda + Adam = marrried! | Cypress, TX Photographer

When I was in seventh grade band class, I met a girl who played the flute.  We ended up being BFF's...because of the fact that we sucked at clarinet (me) and flute (her) and we both happened to be last chair.  Over the years,  her 2 sisters became the sisters I never had - little did I know, I would have the honor of photographing her little sister Amanda at her wedding 19 years later.  Hold that possible that I was in 7th grade 19 YRS AGO??? Oh my gosh...I'm getting old. 

Amanda and Adam had their wedding and reception at Cole's Country in Cypress.  What a wonderful setting and you couldn't have asked for better weather (minus the mosquitoes)!  Well, enough of my rambling about how old I have gotten - her are some sneak peeks from Amanda and Adam's perfect day....congratulations guys and best wishes on a wonderful life together!

New Holiday Card choices

I have 3 more holiday card choices to choose from below.  If you did not see the ones previously posted, please check them out here: Holiday Cards

Here are the new ones:

Each of these cards have a coordinating back-side and have a press-printed finish (not photo paper).

The Stewarts | Cypress TX Family Photographer

Monday night when my brain cells fell asleep, I forgot to load the sneak peeks for the Stewart Family.  I was afraid they would throw kecans at me (no, I didn't spell pecans wrong...don't ask...LOL)...but now, they get their very own post.  So you go - enjoy!

Attention:  Shelby Inn Mini Session Clients -  I had some major malfunctions with my computer this week and my IT dept (Brad) was able to get them fixed last night, so now I have to reload my website template so that I can load your proofs...sorry for the inconvenience...thanks so much for your patience!

Sneak Peeks | Cypress Top Park Mini Session

 just finished sorting through all my photo files last night and I'm so excited with the results from this weekend's mini session.  Thank you, thank you to my clients for coming out and enjoying the gorgeous weather we had on Sunday!  As I mentioned on Sunday, I'm hoping to have your proof galleries ready soon, I'm hoping the first part of next week. 

And for you Shelby Inn mini session on the look out for an email from me in the next couple of days with your gallery username and password, I'm just wrapping up on your photos.

Okay, so enough's the goods, check out some of the fabulous shots from this weekend:

Stewart Family - I will post your sneak peek tomorrow...I was up very late last night and forgot to save your files to my flash drive... please don't throw Kecans at me! (haha)

One more tidbit of info - I will be posting the additional holiday card templates later this week...they will be fun and funky!

We have a winner!

I was so excited to see all the comments on my blog yesterday...I (heart) comments and it was really neat to see so many people stop by.  You know, you should do that more often...come out of the blog lurking closet! :)  So....yesterday at 10pm CST, I had 27 comments on the blog.  I went to and entered the amount of comments and this is what it said:

So...the winner is lucky #8

Becca...please shoot me an email so that you can claim your prize! Congratulations!

All the other 26 of you ...don't be upset, you still have an opportunity to get one of these necklaces in your hot little hands.  Please contact Kari directly at  or you can check her out on her website: Bad Habitz Handmade Jewelry  She promises she will be adding more items to her website check it often!

Happy Friday everyone :)

Domino Pendant - GIVEAWAY!

As previously mentioned on Monday...I am giving away a Domino Pendant Necklace from Bad Habitz Handmade Jewelry! Why?'s almost Friday...the Holidays are all around us ..and ...they're totally cute! Look!

So - here's the 411 on how to enter:

1. Leave a comment and say Hi, Hola, Aloha...whatever you want and make sure to leave your name. Want to Super Size your chances of winning? Forward this to all your BFF's, family, coworkers, and ask them to leave a comment and type YOUR name. But what's even better...they can leave their own comment too by typing THEIR name...and forward it to all their BFF's, family, coworkers, etc.

2. Entries can be made up until 10pm CST TODAYand contest winner will be picked using and the winner will be announced this Friday morning!

3. The lucky winner will be put in contact with Kari Wolfe...owner of Bad Habitz Handmade Jewelry and you will decide which picture you would like on your pendant. If you signed up for a mini session and want one of those pictures on your can do that too!

Good luck y'all! Happy Commenting!

Holiday Card Templates

For those of you who are doing holiday mini sessions, some have chosen the packages with the holiday card option. These are just 4 of the 8 that you will have to choose from. I hope to have the final four up by next Monday. Some of the sayings can be changed if you prefer.

What should I wear?

That's a question I get asked A-LOT when a client has an upcoming shoot. Of course, I want you or your family to look like YOU! I don't want your friends and family to look at the pictures and say...who is this? LOL However, we always want to make sure to look our best - so I have a few suggestions:

Don't be too matchy, matchy: Sometimes I think it's okay if you're going to be part of a very large group picture. It helps the eye focus on faces when the colors are the same. But when you match too much, let's looks kind of *dorky*

Here's an example of how you can coordinate outfits...without matching and still look great!

Be COMFORTABLE! When I'm working with you or your family, I want you to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible. It helps us ensure that I will be able to capture the real you...

ACCESSORIZE! Every photographer LOVES clients that accessorize with scarfs, jewelry, hats, etc. So if you have a favorite scarf or chunky necklace - wear it!

Sneak Peeks and giveaway announcement! | Cypress, TX Photographer

First off...just let me thank the rain Gods for giving me and my clients a rain-free Saturday at The Shelby Inn. I was so afraid the holiday mini-sessions were going to be rained-out. However, it would have been nice if the sun Gods would have given me a little help...oh trusty reflector (and my cute assistant - Thanks Brad!) got the job done!

As promised, my dear clients, here are some sneak peeks from the on the lookout for an email with your username and password to view your gallery pics in the next 14 days or so - probably sooner.

This shot was inside the old cedar log cabin church on the property...just LOVED the stained glass!

What a gorgeous pregnant woman! - ROCKED! :)

Thanks again to everyone that came out on Saturday! So....I mentioned a giveaway didn't I? Keep your eyes peeled later this week....this custom photo domino pendant (photo of your choice - of course!) with chain will be up for grabs!

My awesomely talented BFF makes these and she's even got an online store with a bunch more things to choose from. Check her out Bad Habitz Jewelry These pendants would make great gifts for those women and girls who have everything!

Adding another Mini Session Location!

Okay okay, I know, even though The Shelby Inn totally rocks - not all of you have the time to drive out to the sticks for a Holiday Mini Session. So, because I'm cool like that....I'm adding an additional location and date for the Mini Sessions. Okay, mark your calendars:

Sunday, October 18th @ Cypress Top Park

What is Cypress Top Park you ask? Well, it's the coolest little gem in the Cypress are the Parker Kids. They had a blast there and there are a ton of photo ops...oh yeah, and for you adventurous folks...we're going to cross the road to get some railroad tracks shots!

So here are the times - if you're interested let me know and I'll mark you down.

AM Sessions
8:30 - booked!
10:00 - booked!
10:45 - booked!

PM Sessions
3:00 - booked!
3:45 - booked!
4:30 - booked!
5:15 - booked!

The prices and details are the same as the previous Mini Session post HERE. A down payment of 1/2 of the session price is due at time of booking (PayPal is available).

*Reminder* - The Shelby Inn Mini Sessions are just around the corner. There are still openings available if you are interested...let me know as soon as possible!

It's all in the details!

The Holiday Mini Session packages are here...please see below:

*Tax is included in the price. If you would like to purchase digital files in addition to what is offered in the package, there will be a $10 fee per file.

These are great offers...since you are offered the full resolution images, just think of the gift giving possibilities with the awesome photos we will get at this fabulous location! Since you will have the full resolution files, you can make as many prints as you want to give as gifts to friends and family. *The online gallery proofs will be available within 14 days from the session.

The following are the available time slots for Holiday Mini Sessions at The Shelby on Saturday, October 10th:

AM Sessions
8:30 - booked!
9:15 - booked!
10:00 - booked!

PM Sessions
5:15 - booked!

If you're interested in booking one of these sessions, don't wait...they will go fast! Please email me at with the time slot and package you would like. In order to hold your appt time, 50% is due within 3 days of booking. This deposit will be credited towards the final print package price. If payment is not received, the appt time will be offered to the next client.

Thanks everyone....I look forward to working with you!

Mark Your Calendars! | Round Top, TX Photographer

For all of you interested in the Holiday Mini Sessions at The Shelby .....
the date has been confirmed!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Each session will be 30mins in length, so I will be scheduling 4 sessions in the morning and 4 sessions in the afternoon.

More info on prices, times & details coming later this evening....stay tuned!

Holiday Mini Sessions | Cypress, TX Photographer

It's official, Christmas will be here before we know it! I have just booked a location for Holiday Mini Sessions. This place is in the country, about an hour from Houston, but it's so fabulous! I will be posting the details about the mini sessions later today, but I wanted to give everyone a sneak peek at the amazing location. Check it out: The Shelby

More info and dates to come!

Newborn Photography | Bellville, TX

I finished editing the photos of Kaitlin this weekend and I wanted to share some of my fav's.