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This past Thursday started a new chapter in my life.  For so long I've wanted to break away from the 20th floor coffin that I was trapped in - also called my office.  You see, when I walked through the doors of my office, my soul died a little each day.  Oh please don't get me wrong, it's a very great paycheck and benefits package, but in return, I slave away at a job that brings me no fulfillment, no joy, and keeps me from enjoying the best years of my life.  It makes me feel guilty for taking time off to be at my daughter's school party or to take her to the doctor.  Once we moved to Shelby, I knew that I had to find a way to break away from the drama, the butt-kissing coworkers and the two-faced management.  This past Thursday - I finally did it - yes, I resigned from my job.  But it didn't happen without a lot of doubt.  I wasn't raised with the notion that you just quit your job with benefits if you don't have another "real" job lined up.  No sir, what would people think? How will you pay your will you make it - you're going to ruin your life!  Okay - but isn't my life already in ruins because of this job I hate?  So I finally decided to override the voices in my head and I decided that I was going to follow my dreams.  I've been wanting to put alot of my energy into making my photography business better and offer my clients better products.  The only way I could do it was by diving in full-time - without sacrificing my time away from my family.  So as of September 9, "Freebird" will be the theme of my life and I'm hoping my wings will soar.  I have a ton of ideas running around in my head and new opportunities are on the horizon.  Be on the look out for a new blog that will encompass all of my interests - Photography, Cooking and Country-Life.  I hope my readers will enjoy following me on my journey and pick up some pretty neat information along the way.  You see, life just isn't worth living if you can't share it with this sweet little lady

or wake up to this in the morning

Thanks for supporting me and get ready - changes are a-comin!

This is a GOOD Bad Habit! | Brenham, TX Commercial Photographer

Yesterday I had the opportunity to hang out with one of my oldest friends (well....she's not my OLDEST friend - but one of my friends I have known for a really long time :) ). 

She is an awesome jewelry designer and has FINALLY decided to get on the Facebook bandwagon - and she enlisted my help to get her all setup.  I had the great honor of photographing some of her new jewelry yesterday and I can't wait to show y'all!

Please become a fan of her Facebook Page HERE to get updates on her latest jewelry creations!  If you're interested in purchasing some of these pieces you can visit her Etsy page

FYI- These would be WONDERFUL accessories for your next photo shoot - hint hint :)

2011 Senior Rep Program

Calling all 2011 Seniors - do you have what it takes to represent Homegrown Photography?  Do you want a free Senior photo session and earn free prints and products?  Well here's the deal:

Homegrown Photography is currently searching for outgoing and funky 2011 Seniors - one Senior from EACH of these schools:  Cy-Fair, Cy-Woods, Brenham and Bellville. These 4 Seniors chosen will represent Homegrown Photography and tell all their friends and classmates about their awesome photo session and pictures.  When friends or classmates book their photo session you recieve print credits towards the purchase of your senior pictures - and get entered in a drawing for a $100 gift certificate to your favorite store! This is everything you get:

1 hour photo session with unlimited wardrobe changes ($100 value)
20-30 fully edited proofs
4x6 Brag Book with all proofs from session
50 rep cards with your picture and Homegrown Photography's information to pass out to friends
$20 print credit for every referral booked (*referral must present rep card and pay session in full before credit is received)
*Booked referrals will receive $20 print credit

The Fine Print:
You must be 18 years old or have parent/guardian approval.  You must sign a model release so that Homegrown Photography can use your images for advertising on our blog, facebook, etc.  You must represent Homegrown Photography EXCLUSIVELY and in a positive manner.  Representing another photographer will result in termination of Senior Rep status - print credits and all other items will be considered null and void.

So do you think you're up to the challenge?  If so, go HERE to fill out the application.  All applications must be received by Monday, August 23rd.

Good luck y'all!