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If you haven't had a chance to take a look at my print pricing list - you can find it here: PRICE LIST
After looking at the list, many of you may scratch your heads and think, what is a Standout or Gallery Wrap and what does that look like?  So I thought to myself...why not post some pictures so you can get an idea of what you might want to put in your home.

I'll start with the Standout.  This has a more contemporary feel to it.  It's thick, lightweight, with finished black edges and doesn't require a frame - so it's ready to hang as soon as you get it!

Here's a close up of the side view - the one with the thinner edge is the 3/4" that I'm offering on the price list:
Next is the Float Wrap.  The Float Wrap is a new concept that gives folks a more economical option if they like the look of a Gallery Wrap, but it's more budget friendly.  The Float Wrap is created by wrapping the photographic print around padding and masonite to create a thin wrap with a raised, elegant look.  Then attached to the back is a 3/4" gatorboard block that allows the Float Wrap to extend out from the wall.  This block contains drilled holes so it's also ready to hang - no frames needed! Each Float Wrap is sprayed with a laminate that will help protect the print from scuffs, scratches and cracking and also provides UV light protection.

Here you can see a detailed view of the gatorboard block with the drilled holes ready for hanging

Next is the Gallery Wrap.  With these, the actual photographic print is created and its emulsion is stripped, bonded to canvas and wrapped around a real wood frame.  The Gallery Wrap also includes the laminate protection just like the Float Wrap.

Here's detail of the back of the Gallery Wrap and the option of either a wire hanger or the metal hangers with bumpers

So that's a good run down on the different options available for Wall Art from your photo session.  You're probably looking at the list and wondering what a Widescreen Wallet is too.  These come in handy for Senior pictures.  They're a neat option for Seniors that allows a picture on the front AND back or you can have a collage of pictures on either side.  And they are  press-printed with a glossy finish.

The regular wallets are a little different that what you may be used to from past portrait packages.  These wallets come 8 to a sheet and they have rounded corners - which definitely makes them feel more special than your average run of the mill wallets

And last but not least - hopefully you've had a chance to look at the bonus levels! If you're curious how that works, it's pretty simple.  Once you reach the first price level of $150 - you will receive 2 complimentary 8x10s of one image (that's a $60 value!)...but wait, what if you reach the second price level of $225?  Well, you'll receive the 2 complimentary 8x10s AND a Brag Book of all the images from your session!  So what exactly does the Brag Book look like - it's a spiral bound book that holds 4x6 images from the session.  You choose either black or white border.

Well, I hope this has cleared up any questions you may have had about the products I will now be offering and I hope it gets you excited to put some of your special homegrown photography on your walls...remember, I'm here to help you create YOUR history!

Limited time offer for past clients & NEW ONES TOO! | Cypress Family Photographer

Okay everyone, as mentioned earlier this week, I'm extending a special offer to my past clients to say thank you for your support!  Beginning today, all past clients who book a session by April 1st, 2010 will receive their session fee at 1/2 price.  That's right...your session fee will be $50! 

So you've never booked a session with Homegrown Photography?  Don't feel left out!  You can enter to win a 1/2 priced session.  Here's what you do - post about Homegrown Photography and this offer on your MySpace, Twitter, or Facebook account.  Then come back to my blog and post a comment and include a link to the post you made about Homegrown Photography.  On Monday, February 22nd I will randomly pick a winner and post it on my blog. 

So - you ready?  On your mark, get set GO!

A new year...a new name!

Wow, what a year 2009 was!  It was the year I started Homegrown Memories Photography and today marks my ONE YEAR anniversary!!  I learned so much last year.  Not only the technical stuff, but I learned how much work is involved in starting up a business....and making it work.  I'm so grateful for all the clients I had in 2009, that trusted me to capture their families, their children, and those special times in their lives.  To all of you, I say THANK YOU!