Welcome to my new blog!

Thanks so much for stopping by. The creation of my website and new blog was a huge undertaking and I'm so relieved to finally launch it. If you've taken a look at the website, there are still some bugs and typos, but I just couldn't wait to send out the notification.

On to other news - those of you in the Cy-Fair area who receive Cy-Fair Magazine (CFM) in your mail, please be on the look out for the new Spring issue. If you don't receive it in your mail, you can pick it up at local stores like Walgreens. My first job with CFM was in January and I did photos for the Autism in Cy-Fair article. Check it out if you get the chance.


Anonymous said...

My cousin Kelley just sent me your link...GREAT work! I wondered who the wonderful photographer was a few months back when she sent me pictures of y'alls family reunion...now I know! One question, where are you in the pictures? Again, GREAT job...would HIGHLY recommend you!

~Debbie Easter-Davis

Homegrown Memories Photography & Design said...

Thanks for the compliments Debbie...I hope to have my mug up on my site in the next week or two :)

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