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I wonder when the human race determined that in order to make a baby laugh, they have to whoop and holler, dance around like an idiot and talk like a moron?  But wait, what if all this hollering and dancing STILL doesn’t make the baby laugh, what does this mean?  I think it means that the baby is way smarter! This little guy was all smiles for about the first 15 minutes, but he had me, mom and dad and my assistant Brad (aka Hubby) dancing around and squealing like big jerks to get a smile – my poor neighbors, what must they think!  J  Thanks again Frankie and Holly for giving the world such a doll – it’s been so wonderful to watch him grow from THIS to this:


Anonymous said...

I love these pics brit. They look wonderful. And I think you guys have lived there long enough that the neighbors no longer worry about the dancing and squealing coming from your house. hahaha. love you guys

A Simmons

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