Kari + Bradley | Fayette County, TX Portrait Photographer

This past weekend was the Holiday Mini Sessions at The Shelby.  It's been really dry in Shelby, there's a burn ban in effect and wouldn't you know...10 minutes before our 9am session was supposed to start, the sky opened up and down came the rain!  But no fear, the rain only lasted a few minutes and the lovely sun came out to play.

Are these two cute or what?  Kari is the owner at Bad Habitz Jewelry, so of course I knew her accessories would not disappoint.  They pulled their wardrobe together fabulously!  

This is an FYI for future clients...take Kari and Bradley's lead...they got an A+!  Don't wear clothes that aren't you...you want your portraits to tell the story about YOU, not the family that walks around wearing the same shirt and pants - lame! :)

This shot below has got to be my favorite of the day...I can hear Barry White singing in the background..."Let's Get It On" ....wait a minute, please don't get it on! 
I'm almost done...then you can go get a room! 

Thanks again Kari and Bradley!


*Jennifer* said...

these are great!!!!! I have to say, how in the world does Kari get Bradley to keep doing this? he is a good sport!

Britney said...

Thanks Jenn! I don't know ...you'll have to find out her secret! lol :)

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