What should I wear?

That's a question I get asked A-LOT when a client has an upcoming shoot. Of course, I want you or your family to look like YOU! I don't want your friends and family to look at the pictures and say...who is this? LOL However, we always want to make sure to look our best - so I have a few suggestions:

Don't be too matchy, matchy: Sometimes I think it's okay if you're going to be part of a very large group picture. It helps the eye focus on faces when the colors are the same. But when you match too much, let's face...it looks kind of *dorky*

Here's an example of how you can coordinate outfits...without matching and still look great!

Be COMFORTABLE! When I'm working with you or your family, I want you to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible. It helps us ensure that I will be able to capture the real you...

ACCESSORIZE! Every photographer LOVES clients that accessorize with scarfs, jewelry, hats, etc. So if you have a favorite scarf or chunky necklace - wear it!


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