You're turning ONE little guy! | Industry, TX Child Photography

This little guy and his big sister made my job easy.  

We met early at 8am last Saturday in Industry and both kiddos were in a great mood.  Note to parent's: if you have little ones - the BEST time to schedule their photo session is early in the morning when they've had a lot of rest.  They are fresh and ready for the day!

You see, he is turning the big O-N-E.  His mom contacted me a couple of weeks ago about doing a photo session and I was so excited when she told me about some of the props she wanted to use - I LOVE it when clients bring in special items for the session.  You see, it not only makes for totally unique images, but the pictures end up meaning so much more to client.  This cutie is having a 1940's birthday party theme and mom wanted to include dad's Aggie Band hat adorable!

When I knew that his big sister was going to be part of some of the pictures, I had a picture in my mind for this and I wanted to create I brought a blanket and asked mom to bring some favorite toys and books....and this was my vision that came to life.  

And last but not least, I had to capture big sister ....she's such a beauty, inside & out.  


Adrienne Huebner said...

Beautiful pictures of two beautiful kiddos!

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