It's a braggin' situation!

Since I posted my new pricing and collections last month, I've had several inquiries about the brag book that is included in Collection II.  It's one of my favorite products and I love it when clients decide to add it to their order.  It's very unique and makes a wonderful gift for grandparents.  Here's some images of the brag book from my most recent session with the big ONE year old in Industry.

This little guy's mom said she almost cried when she opened this one up!

These brag books are customized to go with the theme of the session.  The front and back cover also come with a magnetic closure.

 Since a lot moms and grandmas like to carry this around in their purse to show friends and family - the brag book comes with a handy sleeve to help protect your book from any damage.

Next time you have a photo session, keep this little jewel in mind!  You can purchase it as an add-on, in sets of 3 or you can enjoy it as part of Collection II.


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