Ahoy Matey! | Children's Party Photography Brenham, TX

When my little family moved out to the Brenham area last summer, I could have never imagined all the great things that were in store for us.  We have done so much more with extended family since we moved, and we feel so blessed!  About a month ago, I received a birthday invitation in the mail from my cousin in law Bobbi Jo for her son Brazos' first birthday.  I immediately wanted to RSVP because she is super crafty and I knew that this party would be a show stopper!  Well, my thoughts were correct - this little pirate has the craftiest mommy in town :)

When I asked how long it took to plan this party - Bobbi Jo said she starting planning when Brazos was born - and you can tell!  

How cute is that little mustache and costume?

Look how fun Treasure Island was - the kids stayed there as long as the sun was out hunting for hidden treasure!

What's a Treasure Hunt without a map!

We figured out he likes the color "green" - money that is! 

Thanks again Matt & Bobbi Jo for having us to celebrate Brazos' 1st Birthday - it was spectacular!


Bobbi Jo Supak said...

Thanks for writing a great post about Brazos' party! The pictures you took are wonderful and will be great reminders of Brazos' first birthday. If only he would actually remember the event! Thanks again.

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