Tuesday Morning Confessional

If you didn't already know it, I'm a little strange.  You see, more often than not, I'll wake up at 4am or so and start working because I'll wake up with thoughts and ideas rushing through my brain.  And I can't go back to sleep or get them out of my head unless I take action.

Well, this morning was one of those mornings.  I woke up at about 4:15am pondering some ideas for my upcoming Senior Model Program and I hopped out of bed and went straight to the computer to check my email.  In my inbox was an email that I usually disregard and send to the trash box - but this morning I actually glanced at it.

Let me take you on a little rabbit chase.  (in non-hillbilly speak, that means tangent)

You see, my husband has a really neat cousin, Bobbi Jo.  You may remember her from my recent post about her son Brazos' 1st Birthday.  When Brad and I moved to Shelby last May, she so graciously invited me to attend a MOPS meeting with her.  MOPS, you ask?  Mothers of PreSchoolers.  It was at a local church in Brenham and I was super excited to meet other moms in the area since I had just moved here.  I loved the meeting and interacting with the other moms.  I even signed up to become a member and receive their newsletter.  However, that was the first and last meeting I ever went to.  For whatever reason, everytime there is a meeting I have something else going on and I haven't had a chance to make it back.

Now, back to 4:15 this morning

I just so happened to open the email - and the front newsletter story was "The Case for Messy".  Well, I'm messy...so that may have been why I decided to read it.  And am I glad I did!  It was a story about a mom of 2 that felt terrible after visiting her younger sister at her newly renovated home where everything was spotless and in order and then stepping foot into her home that had been taken over by her ankle-biters.  She then goes on to say that for several days she cleaned her own house from top to bottom, and totally exhausting herself, just to have her toddler press his nose against the window and leave a smear.  She ended in saying that she remembered why she let her housekeeping go to the wayside; because spending time with her family and friends was what she wanted to use up her energy on - not keeping the house perfect.

So, you're probably saying, where does your confession play into this long-winded story?  Well, I am also guilty of feeling like I should to more housework, and feel bad when toys are all over the house or the bed isn't made.  I am so glad that I took the time to read this email because it made me feel like I'm not so terrible after all.  And it makes me feel better having a messy office like this:

She ended stating, "Dear God, please give me your perspective - that I might recognize the important
and leave behind the insignificant"


Isabelle V. Bazan said...

Ha,ha...I'm so with you on this one. But somewhere in there I do want to teach my girls that they shouldn't be slobs or else they will never find a partner and leave my house and stop making it messy!lol

Bobbi Jo Supak said...

My house is messy, too. That's why I made sure Brazos and I were outside when you came by yesterday. You may have seen it clean once, but that's rare. By the way...MOPS is tomorrow morning! hahaha

Homegrown Photography said...

Isabelle - I'm afraid my little Addyson is going to be an eternal slob...the girl can walk into a room and immediately make it messy - I've given up! :)

Bobbi Jo - I totally understand! I've been going through this for over 4 years now :) It doesn't get better! lol

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