Tuesday Confessional

Okay, so you don't have to tell me.... once again it's NOT morning.  I know, I know, I think I have issues posting this Tuesday segment in the morning.  So from here forward, I'm just going to call this the Tuesday Confessional.  I can't handle the pressure I tell you!  So enough of all that - on to the "confession" part of this.

So I'm a photographer right?  I'm all about helping families CREATE their history - well, I'm slacking with my family...bad.  My kid is over the top in the personality category and it needs to be documented...seriously!  So when she wonders why I have to be committed in a few years, she'll have the proof in pictures.  I'm joking about being committed, but she certainly gives me and her dad a run for our money.  Who would have thought our lives would be so exciting.  Take a look for yourself:

Her sense of style is over the top!  Not sure where she got that from, but I think it must date back to her days as an infant when her dad would dress her in floral onesies and striped pants...no, I'm not joking...I think he called it Hobo Chic!

Maybe it's my fault because I'm always asking her to pose for photos, but I think I've created a monster!

This is a little secret - I like to wear this headband when she's not around....I love it :)  She does not like to share!

She loves animals and we're thankful that our cat is desperate enough to let anyone hold him, not matter how contorted he is

When I found out I was having a little girl, I admit, I was a little disappointed.  All the weird pregnancy dreams that I had all had me convinced I was having a boy.  I didn't think I would like having a girl, but she proved this momma wrong!  I love how girly she is - from her princess heels to her sassy purses...she's pure sweetness and I wouldn't have it any other way.  That's my Tooty!


Teena's said...

Thank you for your Tuesday post...no matter what time of the day you got to it...made me smile.

*Jennifer* said...

she is the cutest thing!! tell her I need to boeeow those awesome boots!

*Jennifer* said...

yeah...that would be *borrow:)

Homegrown Photography said...

Thanks Ladies!! :)

Bobbi Jo Supak said...

She sure has spunk! Love the photo next to the train!

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